Satin Sheet Perfection :: Paige Nicollette

Today’s feature is Paige Nicollette, and I must say, she’s just completely stunning!

When Paige walked in my studio with a great big smile and this killer fluffy jacket, I was just ready to die of excitement!

It was the day before Valentine’s Day. I had purchased some red satin sheets in hopes of some fun Valentine’s Day photos, but had yet to have the right chance to put them to good use. Red satin sheets can quickly get super cheesy in photos, so I wanted to be strategic with them, stay true to my style, and create something super sexy, shadowy, and tasteful.

As you can see, Paige CRUSHED the red satin sheet set! I love sheet sets, in general, because you can be as covered or exposed as you’re comfortable with, but the implied nudity underneath the sheets makes for a super sexy image. Paige pulled it off amazingly. I love the hint of nudity from her exposed thighs and side. And her gold choker really added a glamorous touch to these images.

Even though it was mid-February when we shot, it was one of those odd February day sin Atlanta where it was warm enough to step outside. How could I resist with this skin-tight dress, Paige’s killer figure, and the pop of color against the wall?

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