Modeling with Madison :: Making if Fun!

I always tell my ladies that when they leave their session, they’ll leave with a whole new respect for models and modeling as a profession. It’s easy to see a beautiful photo of a model who’s making it look effortless and think that she’s just standing there, being beautiful, not doing anything at all.

But that is SO far from true. Models work HARD. Posing is not easy. Controlling your facial expressions is not easy. Moving naturally while being photographed is not easy. Keeping your toes pointed, your back arched, your hands looking soft and natural, all while putting on your pouty lips and seductive stare takes patience and focus – and commitment.

I’m always so impressed with my ladies who have zero previous modeling experience who come in, work hard, and rock their sessions (yes, I always tell them “they rock” when they do!). I’ve been in their shoes and know how hard it can be to stay focused. And while I work hard to coach you through every pose and subtle movement, I need that work ethic from you as well. And I've never been let down. 

I’m even more impressed with ladies like Madison, who have tried modeling and found that the hard work is fun and worth it for the results. Madison truly has fun while she’s modeling. It’s clear in her photos, but also in the outtakes where I catch her laughing or smiling, or when I turn around to make a lighting adjustment only to turn back around and catch her dancing and jumping around in between takes.

Madison and I worked together last summer, when I was just starting the shadow sessions project. It has evolved some for me, so we decided it was time to shoot together again and see what we came up with. Below are the results. Scroll further for peaks from our previous session last summer to see how the project has progressed from dark glamour to more natural, subtle beauty.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Here are some peaks from our 2016 session:

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