Be True to Yourself :: Paige's Session

When planning outfits for your boudoir session, I always encourage you to stay true to your own personal style. While getting out of your comfort zone is definitely part of the process, you’ll want to rock outfits that are very YOU.

Lingerie comes in so many styles, shapes, colors, and fits, that it can be tempting to go out and try several things that just aren’t you. My lingerie style guide provides lots of tips and tricks to help you sort through what’s out there and what will flatter you most. But it’s still up to you to put your own personal touch on what you bring to make sure your personality comes through in your outfits and you can look back at your images and love everything about them.

Paige did an awesome job staying true to her own personal style for her session. She’s ultra-feminine and embraces her girly side. She’s participated in pageants for years and feels comfortable indulging her glamorous side. I adored the feminine pieces she brought for her session. The colors, the lace, and floral patterns really captured her personality.

And even though she’s girly, Paige also loves the look of lounging in something comfy and casual that’s still truly her.

We had a blast chatting about life, the men in our lives, and what makes her feel beautiful. I love the image we got from Paige’s session and even more so how much they capture her personality.

What would YOU wear to be truly you at your shoot? Contact me here…we’ll figure it out together!