Posing from a Playmate!

Sometimes it takes a little while to get settled in to your shoot, to get comfortable, confident, and open to showing your sexy off for my camera. I love helping you come out of your shell. We work towards it from the first moment you come in to my studio, and as the transformation takes place, your images get steamier and steamier!

The process is different for everyone. For most it takes at least the first outfit to get in to what we’re doing and confident in from of the camera. This is why we rank your outfits when you arrive, and usually begin with your least favorite.

For some, though, the transformation is instantaneous. Or maybe there’s no need for a transition at all. For some, that inner vixen that we all have inside us is exuding at all times.

Jessica Jones is one of those women. She’s super sexy and sweet without even trying. She just knows herself -- her body, her face, and her expressions. It’s so inspiring to be in the presence of a woman with so much confidence in her sexuality and womanhood.

Jessica Jones is a professional model out of Miami who I had the honor of working with while she was visiting Atlanta. Jessica has been featured in many magazines including Maniac Magazine and most recently on the featured cover of Playboy Mexico!

I was super intimidated at the idea of working with such a pro, but Jessica was one of the most down-to-earth and comfortable women I’ve worked with. She’s super professional and knows exactly how to pose and move to showcase her best angles.

Jessica taught me a lot about movement and about portraying a more sensual side of my images through posing. I’ve been incorporating some of the lessons she taught me in my recent work, and they are working wonderfully with even my first-time clients!

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