Red Velvet Couches and a weekend away!

Hi Ladies! It’s been a while since I posted a session (since October, in fact). November and December were both SUPER busy months for shooting, and I’m excited to fill you in on what I’ve been up to.

Today I want to share a unique session I did in November with a face you’ve seen a few times on my site before, with model and friend, Caity.


Caity and I got to be friends over the summer. We were neighbors before she moved, and she quickly became my muse because she’s beautiful (obviously) and she's always up for coming over to shoot any time I get a wild idea I want to try out.

After Thanksgiving, we decided to get out of Atlanta for the weekend. During our search for an Airbnb in Nashville, we were quickly sold when we saw these amazing red velvet couches! Our weekend away with our men became a destination photo shoot!


Caity and I sent our men out to the store while we shot all around our little home-away-from-home. The couches were awesome in person, but so was the rest of the house!

It was fun and challenging to shoot outside of my studio. I’m so spoiled by the window light in my studio, but it was good for me to practice in a new setting with completely different lighting elements.

As usual, Caity crushed it and we wound up with some awesome photos!

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