An Afternoon with Alex

I met Alex when she came over to the loft to model for my husband for a fashion lifestyle shoot (You can check out his work here). She had such a pleasant and chill demeanor, and as I helped style her shoot, we hit it off talking about her experiences modeling and other modeling work she’d like to do.

I knew before her session with Mac had finished that I’d love to work with her too, but I was hesitant to ask her to model for me. Even though I’m a huge proponent of boudoir being an amazing and life changing experience for every woman, I realize that it is a very personal process and often the images are meant to be kept private. I knew Alex would need to think about her career path as a model and what, if anything, having beautiful and sexy photos, however tasteful, may mean for her.

Thankfully, Alex let Mac know during their shoot that she’d like to work with me too. She had seen my work and knew we could create beautiful photos within her comfort zone. I reached out to her immediately once I knew this, and we set up a session for her a few days later. We talked through outfits, how to do her hair, and some inspiration for the shoot.

During our session, Alex was fearless. She brought great outfits that matched her personal style and showed off her beauty. Alex was a pleasure and total professional at the shoot. She was natural and confident. The photos we ended up with totally capture her down-to-earth, confident, and chill personality and exemplify her effortless beauty.

Check out some highlights from her session below.

Towards the end of our shoot, we pulled a piece from my accessory closet and tried a super shadowy shot that would allow us to be a little more racy while still keeping everything covered. I'm so thankful she trusted me to do this shot because what we ended up with is one of my favorites in my portfolio and a perfect example of how I love to use shadows to paint over just enough of the body.