Getting on the Other Side of the Camera

Many of my clients ask me when the last time was that I was on their side of the camera. I think this question usually stems from their initial nerves at the start of their shoot and from curiosity about what their photos may look like while their session is in progress. I love this question, because being married to another photographer means I’m inevitably in front of the camera often. Though, I realize that most of these photos are never seen, as they are my husband and me practicing a new setting or trying out a new pose or piece of equipment.

Earlier this week when I talked about my session with Alex, I mentioned my husband’s fashion lifestyle photography he does for model portfolio building. He works really hard and always inspires me. With all of his hard work, he has many models reach out to him in hopes of having photo shoots of their own. Even though the waiting list is long, there are still some occasional last minute scheduling conflicts that occur, especially around the holidays.

On a scheduled shoot for Mac in December, a model had to cancel at the last minute. I could see he was let down. It takes a lot of prep work for him to get ready for a model shoot, so a last-minute change can really ruin his day and waste a lot of time.

Even though we practice on each other all the time, it’s rare that I’m in front of his lens for a “real” photo. And boy does it make me nervous! But as nervous as I am in front of the camera (seems funny, right?) I knew I had to step up and fill the space for him that day. Even though I was nervous, it was also a huge honor as I see many beautiful girls stand in that place and I hardly think of myself as good enough to be there too.

To get over my nerves, I put myself in my clients’ shoes instead of a model’s. Each and every one of my clients inspire me and blows me away with their confidence and fearlessness. I watch them transform during our sessions from nervous and awkward to confident and sexy from start to finish. I decided it was time to use all the inspiration my clients had given me to fearlessly step in front of the camera for, who better than, my own husband.

His work never ceases to amaze me, but having myself as the subject just completely blew me away.

It was such a great exercise to practice what the poses I ask my clients for often feel like in my own body. And just as I suspected, my back was sore the next day!!

Check out some highlights from our session, and head over to Map Hopping Mac for his rendition of the day!