Mrs. A's Spoiled Surprise :: Making It Your Own

From Mrs. A’s first email expressing interest in a session, I felt I had a connection with her. She had a bunch of questions and had clearly done her research on what a boudoir session should be, a girl after my own heart. She expressed that she was concerned because she didn’t feel like she looked like the other women in my photos. She’s a mother and a wife, getting ready to celebrate another wonderful wedding anniversary and hoping to surprise her husband.

She sent a bunch of (other photographer’s) photos that she loved and hoped to replicate, and a few of my own. Seeing all her inspiration put me at ease. I could tell by her choices that she has great taste in photography and would appreciate my style. 

By the time Mrs. A.’s session rolled around, her husband had discovered her plan for a surprise. For many of my clients, the surprise aspect of a boudoir album for their husbands or husbands-to-be is a huge part of the process and motivation for the session. For Mrs. A, her husband finding out only added to the fun! He also helped her find some inspiration and put in some special requests of his own! It was clear from his interest and input that he adores his wife and fully believes how amazing and sexy of a woman she is…and he was excited for her to see that in herself as well.

We worked together, along with all the inspiration we had gathered, to make the session truly unique to her. 

Mrs. A and her husband loved her photos and experience so much that they shared some feedback that brought me to tears and reminded me why I absolutely LOVE what I do for women, for relationships, and for myself! Below are a few quotes from their email to me.

“I don't think I have ever felt more sexy in my own skin.”

“I cannot thank you enough for making me feel like such a beautiful woman. I haven't felt that way in forever. You've honestly changed my perspective of myself and I cannot put that into words how much that is so awesome and amazing that feels. I feel sexy again- after having a kid! That's huge- and being mid 30's- PLEASE!!!”

 “I am never the person in the pictures because I am always the one taking them. As a wife and a mom taking care of everything all the time, there are not a lot of “glamour moments” we get to have. But now I have an amazing album of beautiful photographs that my husband and I can enjoy forever.”

"I was originally very nervous being the first time I’d ever done anything like this. The makeup/hair stylist was also really great and very friendly! By the time she was finished with my look, which I loved, I was very relaxed and at ease.”

It was such a pleasure to see that so much effort and care was put into something so personal.”

“I would do this all over again in a heartbeat!"

And a few words from her amazing husband!

"My wife is, and always has been, ridiculously hot and sexy! I have been telling her this for over 15 years, but no matter what I have said she refused to believe me saying, “I have to say that”. Thanks to Mary I have won that war! Mary was able to capture my wife’s beauty, allowing her to FINALLY see herself the way I always have. If you are hesitant, STOP! This is hands down the best money you can spend on yourself! You owe it to yourself to eternally capture your true beauty."