An Hour with Brittany :: Meet the Hair & Makeup Artist

Today I want to sing the praises of one of my go-to hair & makeup artists, Brittany! I consistently work with three different hair & makeup artists: Brittany, Lintu, and Nicki. These ladies are so talented and amazing, that they stay very busy and I must alternate between them depending on their availability.

One of my first questions to you when setting up your boudoir session is whether or not you’ll want professional hair & makeup by one of my stylists. This is not required, but it REALLY adds to the experience and helps you look and feel your very best for your shoot. I can't emphasize enough how much their work impacts how you look and feel in your photos. 

 Brittany in action!

Brittany in action!

Brittany is an all-around rock star. She’s insanely talented and can do things with makeup and a curling iron that I had truly never seen before. She’s a true professional and extremely knowledgeable about all things beauty. I’m always hounding her with questions like the best mascara for date night, a lotion that won’t leave my skin oily, or which dry shampoo is best for my hair color.

She’s also a natural at making you feel comfortable and at ease as you prepare for your shoot. Brittany is a pleasure to be around and her positive energy is infectious. While Brittany pampers and preps your look, the three of us get to relax in my studio and have girl-talk to hour hearts’ content.


Brittany is an entrepreneur with a clear vision that she has executed perfectly for me time and time again. I get so much joy when I see my clients see themselves for the first time after Brittany has finished styling. I can see their confidence increase as they look in the mirror and see how Brittany has highlighted their beauty. It’s that last step in the prep process that helps you look and feel totally ready to confidently rock your boudoir session.   

Want to know more? Check out her company site Barry Beauty and IG