Posing for Curves!

We all have those bits and pieces of ourselves that we wish we had a little more or a little less of. I get questions along these lines often from clients who have an area that, to them, doesn’t look right in photos. Can you hide my flabby arms?  My legs are too skinny, can you make me look more curvaceous? I have a scar that bothers me, can you not photograph it?

I can SO relate. I’m very critical of myself in photos, and that’s why I’m extra sensitive to your feelings about your body. I’ve talked before about having the courage to give yourself a boudoir session. It is so empowering and inspiring to see yourself in a truly-you and beautiful light.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t still be a touch self-conscious about those perfectly-imperfect parts when it comes to your boudoir session.


Remember that I’m here to guide you through. We talk beforehand about areas you love to flaunt and those you’d rather conceal, we go through some basic posing guidelines, and we go over your must-have shots. When it comes time for your photo session to start, I guide you through each pose from your facial expression, to the curve of your hips, to your gently placed hands. Never had professional photos taken before? No problem! By the end of your session you’ll know your inner-sexy and she’ll be coming through in all of your photos. And we’ll pose each photo with your concerns in mind.

This lady was an absolute doll! She elected to do her own hair and makeup – and it was gorgeous! I was having major hair envy.

 Can I please have this amazing hair???

Can I please have this amazing hair???

One of the things we wanted to accomplish from her shoot was to give this beautiful lady the illusion of more curves through posing. She has an absolutely stunning figure, but in these photos, we wanted her to look a little more curvacious.

A trick we used for her was my favorite bent in knee and one leg crossed in front of the other. It’s tricky to accomplish as you can do it just a little wrong and look like you are moments away from running down the hall to the bathroom. But for this lady, it gave her instantly curvy hips that drew you to her long, beautiful legs and accomplished the looks we were going for - to accentuate her youthful femininity. 

Mary is a photographer in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in boudoir photographymaternity photography, and newborn photography. She is also a wedding photographer alongside husband, Mac, at Mac MacDonald Photography LLC.

Mary believes in illustrating a woman’s beauty and strength through photographs, with her preferred style capitalizing on the mystery and allure of shadows, silhouettes, and moodiness of an intimate bedroom-like setting and natural light.