It’s All About Chemistry!

As women, we know this already. Chemistry is so important: in relationships, in friendships, and – guess what – in Boudoir! You can have the man on your dreams on paper, but if there’s no chemistry in person, it is just not going to work out.

The same is true with your boudoir photographer. A boudoir photo session is an intimate experience! I know you will be nervous – I’m probably a little nervous too! But don’t worry, we will get through the nerves and figure out how we ‘click’ together – and we will make it fun! We’ll laugh, we’ll be silly, but ultimately, we’ll get to know each other so that we can work together to showcase your beauty, strength, and sultriness in your photos.


I want to share some of a session I had a few weeks ago, where this beautiful lady and I had great natural chemistry. She’s bubbly, she’s outgoing, she’s friendly and confident! We immediately had a great dialogue when she told me that she’s always laughing and smiling -- we shared an “uh-oh” moment since we both knew we would be going for a more sultry and serious feel in her boudoir photos.


While we chatted and giggled throughout her photo shoot, she effortlessly mastered the serious, sultry facial expressions in her photos – and they came out amazing!

I also loved her fearless, up-for-anything attitude. She brought along some non-traditional boudoir wear like this cardigan and stockings, and a cute springy jumper.


We decided to venture outside as we started losing daylight, so she threw on the jumper and we walked around the Goat Farm grounds. Some of my favorite shots of the day are from our little trek. So much so that I’ve started asking many of my clients to throw a cute outfit in to their bags so that we can venture outside if the timing (and weather) is right. These photos can still be sexy enough for your boudoir album but tame enough to show all of your friends!

So as you’re prepping for your boudoir session, throw nerves out the window and be ready for something fun and different. I’ll coach you through each set and pose, so you can just focus on being yourself and allowing your natural beauty to shine through. 


Mary is a photographer in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in boudoir photographymaternity photography, and newborn photography. She is also a wedding photographer alongside husband, Mac, at Mac MacDonald Photography LLC.

Mary believes in illustrating a woman’s beauty and strength through photographs, with her preferred style capitalizing on the mystery and allure of shadows, silhouettes, and moodiness of an intimate bedroom-like setting and natural light.