Shadow Sessions

Over the past several months, I’ve been drawn more and more to darker, moodier photos that play with natural light and shadows. My new private studio in West Midtown has allowed this creativity to flow, and while you may have noticed a style shift in some of my posts in recent months, I’m excited to finally and officially announce a little personal project I’m calling Shadow Sessions.

Shadow Sessions are all about using the contrast of light and dark in my studio to paint and contour a subject’s body. The stark differences between what you can see and what is hidden in shadow allows me to comfortably push in to more sensual and suggestive poses, while staying true to my personal style and preference to keep certain angles private.

This session from last week, shot in morning light, solidifies for me what my Shadow Sessions should be.

 Want to incorporate some Shadow Shots in to your boudoir session? I’d love that! Inquire here