More than Courage

I recently had a social media follower ask me what many of you may be asking yourselves: “How do I get up the courage to do a boudoir session?” I think this is such a fantastic question, and if you are asking yourself this then you are already closer to having these photos than you think. If you’ve asked yourself this, then you’ve already imagined them, you’ve imagined yourself hanging the photos, sharing them with your someone special, or flipping through your little black book and giggling with excitement and pride. If you’ve imagined it them, then you already know that you deserve them.

I can’t emphasize this enough: you deserve them. Think about it, ladies, we have so many responsibilities to manage, balance, and excel at from the moment we wake up to the moments we (try to) fall asleep at the end of a long day. And don’t forget to add on top that we carry around a certain expectation to look beautiful doing it. And we do. Even if we don’t always feel that we do, we are, by nature, beautiful.

 Natasha seeing her stunning self.

Natasha seeing her stunning self.

I’ve worked with beautiful clients, and I’ve worked with beautiful models. And while they are all wonderfully different, they all have one thing in common: they have something about their bodies that makes them feel self-conscious. Yes, it’s true, even the perfect-skin, size 00, Barbie-like figured model manages to mention or allude to an angle she’s worried about, or a scar, or how she ate a big lunch, or the size of her bottom or chest. But what’s the noteworthy part of this? It’s not about whatever bit and piece she’s worried about, it’s about how she feels about herself.

Are you catching a trend here? It’s all about feeling. I’m an emotional being. I feed off the energy of others and I empathize almost unconsciously (and almost to a fault). The way you are feeling leading up to your session, the way you feel when you arrive, when we first start shooting, and when we finish up and you walk out the door is my utmost concern at all times. I keep your concerns in mind in all of my editing and in the delivery of your final images. You loving your photos and being over-the-top ecstatic with them is my goal.


Your personal concerns about your body, the way you feel about your body is important to me and is a discussion we will have before I ever pick up my camera.

So while you contemplate your concerns, your courage, and your fears, remember this: these photos are for you. You do things that take courage every day. A boudoir session is to help you feel about yourself what you already know: that you are beautiful, sexy, and desirable. You are already all of these things, I am just here to help you see that in yourself – and while we’re at it, have a lot of fun!

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Mary is a photographer in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in boudoir photographymaternity photography, and newborn photography. She is also a wedding photographer alongside husband, Mac, at Mac MacDonald Photography LLC.

Mary believes in illustrating a woman’s beauty and strength through photographs, with her preferred style capitalizing on the mystery and allure of shadows, silhouettes, and moodiness of an intimate bedroom-like setting and natural light.