Business Boudoir

Hi Ladies! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and checking out my work. I want to start with “Business Boudoir” – how I came to be a boudoir photographer, why I love shooting boudoir, and, finally, why a boudoir session may be just by what YOU need.

My husband and I had been growing our interest in photography more and more, but to be fair, our wedding photography business has grown entirely out of his passion for the art, not mine. I started as his second photographer, listened and learned as much as I could about our cameras, the exposure triangle, the rule of thirds, and of course, the must-have wedding shots.

As a woman and a second photographer, I spend a lot of time with our brides before weddings. There is nothing else in this world like sharing those intimate moments with a bride right before she says I do, when she’s nervous, when she’s checking every hair, every stitch of her dress, every angle of her face in her perfect makeup. She’s so sweet and so nervous and cares about nothing but what her soon-to-be husband will think when he finally sees her.

That moment when bride Cara first saw and loved her look coming together

It’s magical and it’s intimate – and I get to be there, to share it, to calm her and assure her that she looks so amazing and perfect. I always cry. ALWAYS. And what’s better, I always capture the feeling of those moments. I get full creative reign to capture every moment however I feel it.

It is this time with “my” brides (because in those moments they feel like they are mine – and I’ve made some pretty amazing friends from these moments!) that my own passion for photography grew, and I knew I had found an area of photography that I wanted to explore.

A few final touches for bride Brandy before walking down the aisle

At the same time, I often found myself as the subject and muse of my husband’s photography practice. Any new lens, new soft box, new background, or just new idea would result in me attempting to pose for him to try it all out. I quickly found being a subject very difficult. Posing is hard, taking direction is hard, knowing how my body looks on camera (and liking it) is very hard.

This is me! Trying to be a good model and muse for my husband as he learns off camera flash in our very early photography days.

My passion and challenges seemed to meet perfectly in boudoir. With boudoir photography I get to help women feel those beautiful, empowered, intimate moments – whether for their special someone or just for themselves – and create work that I appreciate and love, and that I hope they will cherish forever.

To me, boudoir is much like those special moments right before a bride walks down the aisle, but it is also so much more. It is a chance to showcase your beauty, your confidence, your favorite features – and maybe even your not-so-favorite features that you never saw as beautiful before. It is a chance to grow your confidence or illustrate the confidence you already have. It’s sensual and provocative, but not too much. It leaves you wanting more in the best possible way... in the way that makes your special someone want to sweep you up and take you straight to the bedroom.

A favorite from a recent project

Mary is a photographer in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in boudoir photography, maternity photography, and newborn photography. She is also a wedding photographer alongside husband, Mac, at Mac MacDonald Photography LLC.

Mary believes in illustrating a woman’s beauty and strength through photographs, with her preferred style capitalizing on the mystery and allure of shadows, silhouettes, and moodiness of an intimate bedroom-like setting and natural light.